Curran Construction LLC is located in Berkeley, CA.  We specialize in preventing and mitigating water intrusion,  residential remodels, additions, custom carpentry and restoration.

We value quality, craftsmanship and fulfilling the
design goals of our customers.

Julian Curran, Owner


Julian’s clients benefit from his decades long career in all types of construction. One of the fortunate few who truly love their work, Julian approaches his projects with the curiosity and exuberance of a young carpenter, combined with the skill and pragmatic problem solving that only comes with extensive and varied experience.

A Berkeley native, Julian was always tinkering and experimenting. Following stints in the Air Force, the Danish Merchant Navy and extensive travel through Europe and the Middle East, he settled on the Sonoma County coast. The challenging natural conditions there compelled him to develop and perfect waterproofing techniques that remain virtually fool proof even in harsh climate conditions.

Julian enjoys educating his clients. Understanding how and why certain methods and techniques are effective keeps the construction process transparent and rewarding.

Relationships are central to construction projects and collaboration is the key to a successful job. From initial contact with potential clients to comprehensive follow-up after the job is complete, clear communication followed by positive action is critical. Curran Construction LLC maintains a friendly professional network with many talented individuals, skilled in all phases of the building trades.

Past and current clientele are readily available as references.

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